Wall Decor Basics: 3 Themes to Spruce your Walls

abstract wall art rustic wall art wall decor basics

Wall art is all about dressing up blank walls. How you decorate your wall directly affects how the room looks. You can choose to add wall décor that stands out and décor that reflects your personality. Here are a few ideas and themes for your interiors.

Rustic Wall Art

If you are planning to turn your home into a rustic wonderland, focus on creating a natural ambience. To achieve this, pick nature inspired wall decor. Pieces like a botanical printed or painted canvas with flowers, plants or leaves and landscapes like a forest, lakes or paintings depicting the country side will go very well with a rustic theme. Contrast a blank wall against canvas paintings with colorful details and it will draw in a lot of attention while making the space appear brighter. Decor items like wooden animal heads and wall hangings will add to the appeal.

rustic wall art

This canvas wall art piece is a perfect example of how color contrasts and flowers together create a naturalistic appeal.

Source: Flower Tree Harmony II via Accent Canvas

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art or modern wall art, is all about sophisticated items filled with contemporary details. Abstract art has a way of affecting a living space with nothing more than a few splashes of color or geometric details. If your home has more of metal furniture and decor, build on the modernistic theme by adding wall decor in metallic, monochromic or neutral details. An abstract mirror wall decor will make your living space appear larger and airier. At the same time, a cluster of abstract paintings will stand out and have your wall looking like the ones in art galleries in no time. You can also, think of cheaper ways to revamp a wall like adding wall stickers in abstract geometric patterns. Here is a great example of abstract wall art:

abstract wall art

Source: Abstract Golden Trio via Accent Canvas

Personalized Wall Art

This is one of the most popular wall decor themes. If you want your home to be all about your memories and your personality, add picture frames that capture things you like, family portraits or photographs from vacations. You can get creative and position these photo frames on your wall anyway you like it. Here is a classic example of putting together frames of a few favorite snaps.


Personalized Wall Art


Walls can do a lot to make a lifestyle statement and bring out the ambience of a home. Rustic, personalized, modern or abstract are just a few among the many themes you can choose from. The best way to add to the theme you want to create is to make choices that align with the vision you have of your home.

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